SQUINCH: Healthy Relationship Curriculum for Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSAs) clubs

SQUINCH stands for Sharing Queer Understanding, Inclusion, Nonviolent Communication, and Health. HEAL Plus NM collaborated with the NMGSA Network and youth volunteers to create this digital curriculum. SQUINCH is designed for GSA clubs to develop healthy relationship skills and understanding about queer and trans identities.

Gender and Sexuality Alliances (GSA’s) and other youth groups are encouraged to use these modules by sharing the video and leading associated discussions and activities. Access the facilitator guide for each module for details and resources. The modules can be accessed in any order and as many as you would like. We recommend starting with Module 1: Welcome and Group Agreements. Please ask all club members to take our survey after each module tinyurl.com/SQUINCH

For resources to start or support Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Clubs, please see the NM GSA network. 

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