Module 6: LGBTQ Sex Ed 101

Access and Download: Module 6 LGBTQ+ Sex Ed 101–Facilitator Guide

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Explore reliable sources for LGBTQ sex education

Learn about sexual health information and birth control

Learn some ways LGBTQ+ people and couples can become parents.

The video will explain:

LGBTQ+ have a right to inclusive, culturally relevant, and up-to-date sex education

Information about accessing healthcare for sexual health.

Information about Activities 1,2, and 3 in facilitator’s guide.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Safer sex.

How LGBTQ+ people and couples can become parents.


Computer and Speakers

Flip chart paper and markers

Module 6 “LGBTQ Sex Ed 101” Video

Module 6 “LGBTQ Sex Ed 101” Facilitator’s guide

New Mexico DOH Confidential Sexual Health Brochure (English & Spanish) PDF

In Case You’re Curious (ICYC) Instagram

Planned Parenthood Online Learning:

Candy or prize for ICYC Scavenger Hunt

Welcome Note to GSA Advisor

Whether it is working with youth or adults, the Responsible Sex Education Institute has a variety of programming options that meet our communities’ needs. Our trained sex education experts are skilled at facilitating groups in a variety of settings such as schools, community organizations, and churches. Our programs align with national and state sexual health standards and laws. A leader in the sex education field, the Institute ensures its programs empower participants with the knowledge and skills to make responsible decisions with regard to their sexual health. Visit our website for more information about our menu of lessons and to schedule programming:

For information on confidential sexual health services for youth in New Mexico, please refer to the attached brochure “Your Right to Confidential Sexual Health Services in New Mexico (Questions to ask your Healthcare Provider)”. This resource that was created by the New Mexico Department of Health and the Bernalillo Community Health Council is not legal advice, rather it is a review of current NM law. Someone could take it to their provider to make sure the information is still accurate.

[English] [Spanish Version]




Group Activity 1: Texting ICYC’s BLUE LGBTQ+ Sexual Health Textline


At the Responsible Sex Education Institute, we have a FREE and confidential sexual health textline called “In Case Your Curious (or ICYC)” that anyone can use to get answer to their sexual health questions! While all our lines are inclusive to everyone, we also have a LGBTQ+ sexual health textline that was developed to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ youth.

All you have to do is text the keyword “BLUE” to 57890. You’ll receive a confirmation text. Now you can text your questions whenever you have them! You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Group Activity 2: ICYC Scavenger Hunt Activity



  1. Please instruct everyone in the group to open their Instagram app on their phone and go to @incaseyourecurious. Alternately, participants can open a web browser on a computer and go to

*Note: If there are folks that don’t have social media, Instagram or a phone that works participants can work in pairs.

  1. Explain to the group that we will now be playing an online scavenger hunt using the In Case You’re Curious (ICYC) instagram page. As a reminder ICYC is a FREE Sexual Health Text Program for Teens. For this scavenger hunt the group leader (or any volunteer) will read a series of sexual health questions that have been answered on the ICYC instagram page. Reading only the questions, participants will have to scroll through the ICYC instagram feed looking for the post with that exact question that was just read. The first person to find the post will say out loud “ICYC”. Everyone will pause and the person who found the post will now read the answer to the question from the post out loud to the group (if folks are uncomfortable to read the answer out loud, the group leader can read it). *Optional: Each round, the person who finds the ICYC question post first will get a piece of candy
  1. Each group can create their own list of ICYC questions from the Instagram page or you can use the pre-selected questions from below.  Continue this scavenger hunt for about 5 rounds or until the group desires. This is something that can be done at the beginning/end of GSA meetings and can also be modified as more ICYC question posts are being created daily. 

Pre-Selected ICYC Questions for Scavenger Hunt

  • Do I really have to learn this stuff?
  • What does a “healthy relationship” mean?
  • How much conflict is normal in a healthy relationship?
  • I always want to check my partner’s phone, is this okay?
  • What’s a Hymen and will it break?
  • Why can’t I keep condoms in my wallet?
  • You mean sperm is different from semen?
  • Can you get an STI from oral sex?
  • What to expect when you get tested for STIs?
  • Can spit pass HIV?
  • Can I get PrEP if I’m under 18?
  • How do I know if my crush likes me back?
  • Why is someone so moody on their period?
  • Why do people moan during sex?
  • Can you make a period disappear?
  • Will taking testosterone make my boobs smaller?
  • I am transgender and on testosterone. Can I still get pregnant?
  • What is dysphoria and does every transgender person feel it?
  • Can you be asexual and still masturbate?
  • Does eating certain foods make you taste better “down there”?
  • How do I know if my partner is ready to have sex?
  • If I use my parents’ insurance for testing or birth control will they find out?
  • Who could be my trusted adult?
  • Can I be abstinent if I had sex once?


Group Activity 3: Accessing inclusive sexual health information & mini birth control talk



  1. Everyone in the group should open a web browser on a computer or phone and go to:
  2. Using a  flip chart paper and makers, as a group brainstorm at least 10 sexual health topics that someone may want to do more research or learn about.
  3. After the list has been completed, work together to find those topics on the “Planned Parenthood Online Education Website for Teens”.
  4. Spend about 5-10mins becoming familiarized with different resources and videos.

Group Activity 4: How do LGBTQ+ people and couples become parents?


If participants have questions about how queer people can have babies, open a web browser and go to the following website and view this video:

Discussion questions that can be used to process video:

  • According to the video, what are some of the ways LGBTQ+ people might become parents to children?
  • Why might an LGBTQ+ couple want to become parents? How are these reasons similar or different the reasons heterosexual couples might want to become parents?
  • If a friend had questions about how LGBTQ+ people become parents, what information would you share with them?

For more information and resources about reproduction and the stages of pregnancy, visit:


Once youth have finished watching module 6 “LGBTQ+ Sex Ed 101, return to your table or meeting area to debrief. Here are some questions to consider:

  1. Where are at least these places someone could go to get answers about sexual health or relationships?

School-based health centers, nurse, family medical provider, counselor, teacher

  1. What are at least 3 online sexual health resources that someone can use to learn more about sex, sexuality, and relationships?

In Case You’re Curious (ICYC), Planned,

Facilitator’s discussion guide & resources (links, videos, access more info…)

When you’re done, each person can take our survey: If you take the survey, your club will be entered to win a prize! We plan to create more modules, so let us know what you want to learn about.


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