Module 2: Consent 101

Download: Module 2: Consent 101 Facilitator Guide

Please take our SQUINCH survey after you use this module:


Define what consent is and is not.

Practice asking for and supporting consent in an everyday setting.

Before you start, choose an open area club members to move around for “fill the space” activity.

Then, decide on the associated supplemental videos to play before the module video. 

Consent for Kids

(2 minutes, 42 seconds)

  What is consent?

   What is bodily autonomy?

Consent Tea (no cuss words)

(2 minutes 49 seconds)

This video is appropriate for High School students and older. 

How Do You Know if Someone Wants to Have Sex With You? Planned Parenthood Video (4 minutes)

Immediately following the videos, start the Module 2 video or read from the transcript for the Fill the space movement activity.  Move chairs and tables to the side to create an open space.

Module 2 contains the directions for the fill-the-space activity. You may also find them in Module 2 transcript.

Fill the Space & Consent Follow-up questions

What was it like to do the activity?

    Was it harder to hear ‘no’ or say ‘no’? why is that?

    What gets in the way of asking for consent or setting boundaries?

    What strategies did you use to say or hear no, even when you were uncomfortable?

What are your questions about consent?

What can you do to support other people in saying no?

When you’re done, each person can take our survey: If you take the survey, your club will be entered to win a prize! We plan to create more modules, so let us know what you want to learn about.

Resource: Brene Brown’s video on empathy vs. Sympathy:

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