Module 4: Four Parts of A Good Apology

Module 4 Video will be released in July 2021! Stay tuned!

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Learn the four parts of a good apology

Practice writing a good apology


The video will explain:

This module will introduce the elements of a sincere apology and guide the club members in practicing writing their own. 

  1. Heartfelt and sincere
  2. Accurate account of your decisions and actions that lead to the other person’s pain
  3. Accounts for impact
  4. Shows your reflection and lays out a plan for repair

During the meeting (Instructions given in the video)

  1. Think of a time you hurt someone’s feelings, either on purpose or accidentally. Write down in one sentence what happened, and we will return to this later. 


  1. Watch the video or discuss four parts of a good apology.


  1. A good apology is heartfelt and authentic. You have to mean it. You have to decide to make an apology. You can’t be forced, or it’s much less meaningful. 


  1. A good apology takes an accurate account of your decisions and your actions that led to the other person’s pain.


  1. A good apology accounts for the impact of your actions on the harmed person. This is true empathy. Whenever possible, link the person’s feelings to why. Why did they feel hurt? What is their story (if you know it)? This demonstrates that you understand the cause and effects of your actions and decisions. 


  1. A good apology shows your reflection on your actions and decisions. It lays out your plan to not cause harm to this person in the future. 


  1. Writing Prompt: Using the situation you brainstormed earlier, write an apology letter using the four points. 


  1. Pair up and read your letter to your partner. Give feedback. 


  1. Discuss as a group.


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