Share your Story: LGBTQ+ folks and Coronavirus/ Quarantine

The National LGBT Cancer Network is collecting stories of LGBTQ+ lives during COVID-19 and quarantine.

Share Your Quarantine Story

“While we usually collect stories here about the impact of tobacco and cancer on LGBTQ+ people’s lives, in light of COVID-19 the National LGBT Cancer Network wants to expand our focus to collect stories about how coronavirus and self-quarantining are affecting our lives. These stories will be shared with partner LGBTQ+ organizations. It is our goal to uplift a wide range of experiences and perspectives, to help show public health officials, the media, legislators, and ourselves how this pandemic is impacting our communities. We have increased health risks due to high smoking rates, high rates of HIV and cancer, and proven barriers to accessing health care. We also have less economic stability, less social support, and a large number of potentially isolated elders, all of which may leave us especially vulnerable during this time. We need to record the stories of how this is impacting us.

As an LGBTQ+ person, how has this virus and social distancing impacted your life?”

Sharing Your Story!