New Mexico Resource: UNM Truman Health Services

UNM Truman Health Services has been committed to providing the highest quality HIV care to New Mexicans since 1985. In addition to operating a fully equipped primary care center for people living with HIV which gives patients access to the latest medical, behavioral, and complementary therapies, UNM THS also provides prevention and outreach services including: free and confidential rapid HIV testing, Hepatitis C testing, free condoms and lube, and public and private educational sessions at multiple locations throughout Albuquerque.

As part of our mission to serve the GLBTQ+ community, UNM THS proudly opened our Transgender Clinic in February of 2015. The Transgender Clinic is a monthly service offering holistic care to transgender people throughout the state.

Our multidisciplinary team of UNM health care providers includes Counselors, Psychiatrists, Clinical Pharmacists, a Nutritionist, Case Managers, Nurses, Medical Assistants, and Health Educators, among others. All the staff at UNM Truman Health Services (THS) work to provide compassionate and respectful healthcare to members of our community, regardless of ability to pay.

For more information about any of the UNM THS services, to schedule an appointment for a free Rapid HIV test, or to schedule an education or outreach event with us, please call (505) 272-1312, email us at, or visit us at We look forward to hearing from you!